Fee Waybill

I Was a Punk Before You Were

I was a punk before you were a punk
You want some action? I’ll put your ass in traction baby

Just that one song, even just that one lyric, made Raleigh’s Downtown Live a huge success. How could anyone raised in the 70’s not love The Tubes? Punk was what was happening, even if it was mostly happening in California and DC and NY City, rather than where I lived in Memphis. When bass player (I have such a heart for bass players, remind me to post about that) Rick Anderson hit the stage in the black and red striped Ramones t-shirt and police-style black cap I knew we were in for the goods.

Bass PlayerThe Tubes, like many long-lived rock groups, have been through a lot of band and label drama, but the attitude is still there, along with a wry sense of humor that has come with age. Lead man Fee Waybill (real name John Waldo Waybill, I’d change it too) still brings the weird and showy costumes (he opened in a hobo get-up, which he ripped off and flung into the audience), props and a stunning amount of energy. The rest of the band members, used to Waybill’s many successes and excesses over the years, seems to be content to let Fee be the show. And so was the crowd. You can see my photo set here; I did my best to shove my way to the front.

Fee Waybill

Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee Ramone may be dead, but punk is alive and rocking and still in your face. Some things should never change.

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