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Ice, Age 9, Explains Relationships

Me: Do any girls like you right now?
Ice: A lot.
Me (floored): Really? How many?
Ice: Seven or eight.
Me: Wow. Who are all these girls?
Ice: Emily, Adrianne, Caroline, Elizabeth, Teoni, Taylor, Ashley, and a couple others. Narrowing it down, I like Emily and Adrianne best. Caroline and Ashley are really close friends.
Me: How do you know if girls like you?
Ice: Sometimes their friends tell me. Secrets get out. Sometimes the girl tells me, but that doesn’t happen often. Most girls tell their friends to tell me.
Me: What are you supposed to do if you find out a girl likes you?
Ice: It’s just nice to know. It feels good. I like to be nice to girls.
Me: What if you don’t like them back?
Ice: I tell them, but I am still nice to them.
Me: Do you tell the girl or her friend?
Ice: I tell the girl. And they’re usually okay with that.
Me: What makes you like some girls more than others?
Ice: Usually if they aren’t too shy and if they have a good personality. (laughing) And if they’re pretty.
Me: What makes a good personality?
Ice: If they are friendly and understanding. And kind.

Image credit: Rainbow Project on Flickr

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