The Robber

In A 10 Year Old’s Head

The Maker is regularly given an hour in school to read, write, draw, or nap. (I know, you miss 5th grade. I do, too.) At some point recently he decided to write a story during his free hour, which I later found folded into quarters, floating around on a kitchen counter.

I’m publishing it here because I think it’s interesting to see what a 10 year old boy keeps inside his head. In this case: new adventures, favorite foods, not cleaning up after himself, useless stuff, prominent fears, doing things he shouldn’t do, and superhero leanings.

So little changes, huh?

•   •   •   •

As I walk down the street, birds are cherping People are talking. I notes [notice] a house that I havent seen in the Past! I walk up to it, the cars arnt there so I look trouw [through] the broken window and evorything is dusty, it looks like there hasent been someone in there for years! Why havent I notised this yet? I check the door, lockt, I climb in throu the window. I smell somthing good, at that moment I notis that I just happen to be hungry so I go in to the kitchen and one the stove theres a pot of boiled eggs, my favorit. I take one out, knowing that no one is here and eat it, yuk! It is filled with salt. I imidiotly sit it out on the table. I notis a key on the table. I pick it up thinking I might need it I walk up a winding starecase in to a room and see some uesles stuf. On the bed I see a copol of books, on of the titles are “THE MOST FAMOS ROBORIES” at that moment I hear a clock in the next room I go in hoping to find something uesful. in side is a man chaned to the wall! he says to me “hey kid could you help me get out of hear” I knew I shouldent of because when he was free he lafed at me and ran out of the hous. I chased him untill I lost my breath. I found a newspaper and on the front page I saw a  the same man that was chaind to the wall it said man caut robbing bank.

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