Olive Editing my Photos

Introducing Olive

This is Olive.

She’s deeply interested in the dangle-y wrist strap on my camera. She would like to inspect it more carefully, with her tiny sharp teeth.

Olive came home with me a couple of days ago, much to the irritation of Henry, our giant orange tabby. Henry weighs 17 pounds, is not fat, and he is emphatically not a lap kitty. He owns Garner, and dispenses cranky remarks from his overburdened cat perch in the windowsill. Olive is 4 months old, weighs as much as a cheezburger, and thinks Henry loves her.

Don’t worry; we’re watching out for Olive.

Olive Editing my Photos

Olive is entirely a lap kitty, in addition to being a laptop kitty, as you see demonstrated above. Helpful is a word she applies to herself, although that isn’t precisely the word I used when I returned from the kitchen to find she had deleted my last photo import with her butt.

We think she’s going to fit in just fine.

Top photo credit: The Maker (edited by me)

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2 Responses to Introducing Olive

  1. Sine Botchen November 27, 2009 at 4:19 pm #

    What a cutie.. I miss my kitty. My sister keeps threatening to get me a cat for every Christmas/Birthday/Hanakuh/Ramadan/Easter that comes around. She thinks I need a cat. I can’t even keep the plants alive so I certainly don’t need to be responsible for anything that has a pulse. I keep trying to explain to her that I *do* have cats. I have neighbors who have cats, so therefore I have cats by proxy. In my nieghborhood you have to be careful not to leave the door open too long or you’re going to wind up with a house full of kitties – some of which you may not discover until one of them jumps on the bed in the middle of the night.

    How did Olive come to join y’alls domicile?

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe November 27, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

      Since Henry is so not a lap kitty, I had been pining for one, so after threatening to do so for about 6 months, I went to the local shelter and played with a roomful of them. It killed me to only take one of them home. There was a blind calico kitten (which would never work in our house, especially given Henry’s grouchiness) and a three-legged kitten (who got around smashingly), along with dozens of other kittens of every… er, stripe. I liked how cuddly Olive was, and how glossy her fur was. Oh, and she has a bent tail, just at the tip. I found that endearing.

      Given how easy to care for they are, you could totally get a cat, but if you’re not home much, you should take home a couple of littermates; they keep each other company.

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