Pregnant Tea

I was browsing through my old pregnancy journal and came across this recipe for a tea I made regularly in the summer of 2000, the summer my youngest son was born.

In order to obtain the ingredients, I had to drive a couple of hours to a Heritage store, which was a fabulous happy hippy joint one block off the oceanfront. I would meander through the store and stock up on all the homeopathics, herbs, and other treats I needed for a month or so, then head across the street and lounge heavily and happily on the beach, letting the sunshine, fresh breeze, and negative ions recharge me.

And here you didn’t even know there was such a thing as a hippie chick as late as 2000.

Iron Tonic Pregnancy Tea

Raspberry leaves (a uterine toner)
Peppermint leaves (for fresh taste)
Nettles (for good urinary function)
Ginger (stimulating, for good taste)
Yellow Dock (for iron)
Burdock root (for emotional evenness)

What was your “go to” food or drink during pregnancy? Leave me a comment and share your story.

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