It’s my blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary to me / happy blogiversary to me
Happy blogiversary to me / happy blogiversary to me

My blog is one year old today, and my how we’ve grown. The name went from Wishful Blogging (because, I figured, talking about blogging is so much easier than actually blogging) to The Glowing Edge, a move which lost me page rank, but gained me server space on the Wayback Machine. I’ve messed and messed and messed with my template until I finally broke it, and I still haven’t regained my comments feature. I made over 500 blog posts this year on my combined eight blogs (not counting the three YouTube channels), which naturally proves my manhood. Of course, only about 25 of those posts were actually worth reading, but who’s counting? It’s the internet! You can even spam yourself!

So. On this momentous occasion I’d like to tearfully thank God and the Academy, kiss my trophy, make a fool of myself, and here name the exciting things I have accomplished (which all of you, the fans, made possible). Later I’ll post it to YouTube.

1. Discovered The Bees, Cake, The Weepies, and Gomez, all of whom rocked my world this year and were widely featured in my playlists.

2. Got down some of the stories I wanted to write about my life. This is the reason I started a blog in the first place. I write mostly for me, but also in the hopes that someday my kids will enjoy hearing some of their own history.

3. Found a place to finally integrate my writing, photography, artwork, love of technology, and now, my movie-making. I’m definitely glad to be born in the internet era.

Thanks to all (three) of you for reading, and once in a while letting me know that you’re reading. I LOVE you!

This year:

1. Get better at video

2. Explore social networking/bookmarking

Hope to see you around.

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