Junk Piled Around the Edges of MY Bathtub, In Which I’ve Never Actually Taken a Bath but In Which the Maker Infrequently Appears:

First, let me explain. I tend to want my personal space tidy. My (ok, our) bedroom has hardwood floors, a platform bed, two simple beige lamps with white shades, and one pale hardwood dresser. To get any more zen I’d have to ship in some sand and rake it in calming patterns. My bedspread is black, the comforter is white, the linens are brown; there is one tiny square moss-green velvet pillow with brown embroidery resting peacefully atop the six pristine white pillows, three on each side of the bed. It’s like an art gallery in there.

I would SO love for all my living space to embody this serene uncluttered feel, but as you may know by now, I live in a house with four males. The Maker, in particular, has taken over the bathtub in the master bath.

So I think what’s happening with this post is that I’m attempting to bring some order out of the chaos with this simple little list… Or maybe I just need therapy.

  1. 12 oz Suave Kids Tear Free Body Wash in Jumpin’ Berry, unused
  2. 4 oz Crayola Sudsy Mudsy foaming mud soap, slightly used
  3. 20 oz Johnson’s No More Tears Detangling Formula Baby Shampoo, slightly used
  4. 38 oz Ajax Antibacterial Super Degreaser Orange dish liquid, almost gone.
  5. one bar Ivory soap, well worn
  6. one fabric “never comes off even in water” Band-Aid, used
  7. mechanical pencil with lead, eraser and plastic eraser cap
  8. plastic Crisco Butter Flavored tub container with lid, no Crisco remaining
  9. plastic trowel
  10. new blue flower-shaped sponge, unused
  11. ancient green disgusting sponge, well used
  12. green plastic tippy cup, no lid
  13. green unidentifiable squirty toy
  14. mechanical pen, still working
  15. unidentifiable plastic sleeve (for mechanical pen and pencil set?), wet

There was kind of a heavy emphasis on the soap, there, if you noticed. Some day, perhaps I will receive the clean, zen family I spend whole posts fantasizing about. And I will say, “Are you people aliens? Where is my family?”

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