less documented uses of duct tape

Last night the boys had a gig at a biker bar in a nearby, um, town. Well, out in the middle of nowhere, actually — no town directly involved. Anyway it was notable for two reasons, one of which was that both my father and The Husband’s mother attended. And stayed for two solid sets, during which the drunk biker wearing a tee shirt with a slogan I would be horrified to allow my children to see chatted amiably and at some length with both. He would have danced with my mother-in-law if she’d been willing.

The other notable thing about the evening was the fact that the bathroom in this bar was the only place I have ever seen duct tape used to a) patch a hole in the porcelain sink and b) hold the broken-in-half toilet seat together. Wow. I went through the Duct Tape Guys site, but didn’t see that one.

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