Lincoln’s man purse

The other day I pulled some documents out of my slim, black, laptop-only carrying case and was surprised by the Maker’s delighted exclamation, “Just like Abe Lincoln’s hat!” Rather than look like an utterly unschooled idiot, I kept my peace and googled it as soon as he left the room. It’s true! Abe Lincoln stored stuff in his hat! Check this mention from, an antiques auction and marketplace:

“While it is true that Lincoln hats are collectors’ items, it must also be remembered that Lincoln used his famous stovepipe hats for convenient storage places. In these hats he put papers of all kinds from items relating to his law practice to official state documents. Almost anything, and possibly something of great value, might be found in one of these old hats.”

Lincoln had a man purse, just like Chewbacca! Too bad they didn’t show it on the penny. Or the Memorial. Hmm. Am I seeing some national shyness here? C’mon, fellas, even Lincoln needed a spot to stash his Nano.

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