Magic Star marshmallow shape voting

magic stars
The Marshmallow Mateys thing has got me going. I have GOT to quit buying these terribly sugary wonderful cereals. These are Magic Stars, as you can see. What I’m trying to figure out is WHAT on earth the marshmallow shapes represent. Here’s The Husband’s guesses (from left to right) and my own. Please feel free to comment and enter your vote.

1. The white thing with orangey splotch on one end
TH: A bell, candy corn, or a saltshaker.
Me: A bloody molar. Clearly.

2. The blue swirly thing with red part
TH: A fish.
Me: That’s a crystal ball, dopey!

3. The yellow circle
TH: Easy. A yellow circle.
Me: Full moon. Try to think “magic,” hon.

4. Yellow star in a blue circle
TH: Duh!
Me: Yeah, the Donkey Kong symbol.

5. Purple squiggle
TH: The letter “E,” “M,” or “W.”
Me: I’m gonna go with “M” for Magic.

6. Yellow moon
TH: We’re gonna agree on this one, I think.
Me: We are. But is it waxing or waning?

7. Green triangular thing
TH: Duck foot, bell, or leaf.
Me: Given the magic theme, I’m gonna say frog foot as stew ingredient. Or possibly a magic arrowhead. Tough one.

8. Pink amorphous item
TH: Wizard hat?
Me: I think it was just left over after they cut out all the other shapes.

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  1. Kellie September 30, 2014 at 8:46 pm #

    I thought maybe I was the only one the world wondered that. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone! Great guesses too!!! Thank you

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