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Market Like a Mofo: How to Sell More Copies of Your Badass Book

Market Like a Mofo: How to Sell More Copies of Your Badass Book is here, and in honor of the debut of the fourth book in our Badass Writing series, Sonja and I have our sexy new Indiana Jones whips out and are shredding everything in sight. (You might wanna step back a few…)

/insert whip sounds/


As soon as you get your copy, you’ll dive in and take the opening quiz, which is based on how much time and money you want to spend, and whether or not you are self-publishing or working with a traditional publisher.

Then you’ll plummet straight into one of our four non-techie, done-for-you, can’t-possibly-miss marketing plans.

Of course, we also tell you exactly how WE did it, and we have additional chapters for all you smartypantsers and those of you who want to roll your own plan.

Sound like a giant hell-yeah taco with face-melting fabulous sauce? Well, it comes with a side of smokin’ hot FREE, between August 1 and August 5, so you better click through and grab you some digital “Yeah, Baby!” before they’re all gone forever.

Here’s what it DOESN’T have…

We didn’t write our book to tell you how to make a million, overnight, while you sleep. Market like a Mofo may be the ONLY marketing book you’ll ever read that does not promise you riches, or regurgitate rules about setting goals, monitoring, measuring, and refining your marketing tactics…

In fact, we started out writing it that way, but then we held our fingers on the backspace key until that entire chapter was relegated to cyber-purgatory. Sonja and I didn’t pen the Badass Writing series to make a giant pile of doubloons (although we love doubloons, and wish we had some doubloons, and saying doubloooooons is fun). We wrote it because a) we were drinking at the time, b) it was a blast, and c) it feels great to stop taking everything so damned seriously. All that hyper-serious shit impedes forward motion, especially when you’re first getting going on this adventure. The point is to write, dammit, ship it, then let people know about it.

If you go on to become one of those Kindle Millionaires, drinks are on you, Big Daddy.

How to be a real hero

And hey, if you read it and get something good out of it, would you please give us a review on Amazon? It’s not nearly as fun as a wine slushy, but it puts virtual jet fuel in our writing biplane and pays for new whips. Every badass writer needs a whip. And they wear out so quickly. Snif. So please write us a review, and if you’re feeling extra givey-helpy, go through and “thumbs up” the other great reviews you see and like.

How to wrangle an invitation to our “Whip Party”

The most reviews we’ve ever gotten for a book was for our first one, Bagels, Dirty Limericks, and Martinis: The Badass Guide to Writing Your First Book. As of this post, we have 25 for that one, most of them 5 star. If we get 25 reviews for Marketing Mofo, we will hold a “Whip Party” online.

Here’s how a Badass Whip Party works…

Once we get 25 reviews on Marketing Mofo, we will send out an email inviting you to tell us your toughest book writing, publishing, or marketing hurdle that you just don’t seem to be able to clear.

We’ll also add you to our Private Badass Writing Whip Party Facebook Group.

Then, on a specific date (we’ll announce it via our email list, so go sign up at, we will post the problems and our answers/ideas for how you can whip that problem into shape. And of course, all of you can introduce yourselves and help each other out with cheering and more advice on how to navigate past the poison dart walls to nab the golden writing-publishing-marketing statue.

If you can’t be there on that specific date, you can always take a look at the thread later and keep interacting with the others from the Badass Writing community.

Big. Solid gold. Win.

So. Your Mission…

  1. Go get your free copy of Market Like a Mofo.
  2. Write us an awesome review on Amazon. (Thumbs-up other great reviews, as desired.)
  3. Email us your toughest writing, publishing, and marketing problems.
  4. (Once we pass 25 reviews) JOIN OUR WHIP PARTY on Facebook!

Whip it, badass. Whip it good. Then sit back and enjoy your dirty martini. You’ve earned it.


Lisa & Sonja
The Dynamic Duo of Book Badassery

PS: How would you write a whip crack sound? Wuh-PSHHH, maybe? Kuh-TCHH! Wah-TCHA? Hm. Please leave me a comment and tell me the answer.

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2 Responses to Market Like a Mofo: How to Sell More Copies of Your Badass Book

  1. Jessica August 4, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Lisa-I think you nailed the whip crack sound with the “Wuh-pshhh”. The “Wah-TCHA” sounds like karate chopping to me–my kid brothers used to make that sound all the time after watching Bruce Lee movies, lol.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe August 4, 2013 at 5:28 pm #

      Hi, Jessica — many thanks for helping clarify the SINGLE most important bit of informations in this entire post (the clue is that the critical stuff is in the PS, always put the best stuff in the PS, I learned that in marketing school) (Actually I made that up, but it’s totally true). You and your kid brothers are utterly correct: Wah-TCHA is a karate chop. Now that you point it out, I recognize it! Up to now, most of my karate chops have been Hy-YAHs, but now I am branching out and including more effective and deadly sounds. So thanks to you, and please pass my gratitude along to your contributing sibs! (Whips are fun, aren’t they?) 🙂

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