Modafferi vs. Coenen Pre-Fight Interviews

Assuming the main card runs short and CBS airs it, we’ll get to watch Roxanne Modafferi fight Marloes Coenen live at 9 pm on the East coast (delayed for the Pacific coast, who will probably see it sooner on YouTube) on

Roxanne Modafferi is my favorite to win, although a little part of that simply has to do with her incredible charm and geeky affability. But I’ve watched her fight and anyone who underestimates her is in for a shock. Despite a long-ago win by decision against tonight’s opponent Marloes Coenen, Modafferi is somewhat the underdog here, having been invited to replace Erin Toughill for this match with only a week to spare.

She will certainly have a serious job to do tonight, and it’s really too soon for her even to think about the possiblity of a December Strikeforce match against world champion Cris “Cyborg” Santos if she wins. (I’m free to consider it, though, and I’d almost prefer to see Coenen matched against Santos… I know, conflicted.)

Clearly, Coenen wants Cyborg and I want her to. While Roxanne seems to be running on skill topped with the excitement of the opportunity, Marloes Coenen comes across as a woman of serious ability and quiet, deadly confidence. I would still favor Cyborg in a matchup with Coenen, but more than anything I want to see the fight.

Prepare for fireworks.

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