Natalia Ragozina Wins Eighth Title Belt

Saturday night Russia’s glamorous middleweight boxer Natalia Ragozina (22-0-0, 13 knockouts) took on heavyweight boxer Pamela “Grenade” London (6-4-1) in front of a supercharged home crowd of over 5,000 fans in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

33 years old and six feet tall, Ragozina — “The Russian Tsarina” — wowed her fans by facing an opponent 60 pounds heavier and still putting London on the canvas for the knockout victory in the eighth round.

It was a one-shot deal, this bout of a solid middleweight against a heavyweight; Ragozina wanted to take the Women’s International Boxing Federation (WIBF) heavyweight title but has no plans to move permanently out of her middleweight category.

With this win, Ragozina becomes the world’s most decorated female boxer.

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