one more day

Here’s the playlist which is the soundtrack of my life for this past week and maybe the one coming too. It’s inspired by the Wood Brother’s simple and profoundly affecting tune “One More Day.” Listen to it when you’re feeling melancholy but want to remember that life goes on. In addition to the Wood Brothers, a gem in this list is #3 “Emily,” in which the central character pleads with his woman to not send him packing (he’s on his last drink), and utters this woeful line: “I lost my good fedora…” Those were the days.

1. It’s Coming Down, Cake
2. Passenger Seat, Death Cab For Cutie
3. Emily Please, Luke Doucet
4. Ode to My Family, The Cranberries
5. Crooked Teeth, Death Cab for Cutie
6. Daria, Cake
7. Oh My, Mellowdrone
8. Summer Skin, Death Cab for Cutie
9. Alright, Ledisi
10. One More Day, The Wood Brothers


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