Salem's Lot Vampires

One of My Earliest Stupid Ideas, and How It Turned Out

Watching “Salem’s Lot” while babysitting at home one night. Yep.

Here’s the basic timeline of events.

1975: I was ten years old when the “Salem’s Lot” book came out. I read it, so I should have known better than to watch the movie. Alone. At night.

1979: The made for TV movie came out. I was 14 and stupid. I watched it, and became reasonably certain that vampires existed and were after me. I began going to bed clutching a cheap silver cross necklace that I got at the State Fair three years previously. I wasn’t sure this tactic would work, but didn’t have an alternative.

1986: I discovered Anne Rice’s books “Interview with the Vampire” and “The Vampire Lestat.” I read them, and felt somewhat relieved. Vampires weren’t as scary as I had thought. Some of them are rock stars. Whew.

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