Our Wedding Photos (all 11)

I know y’all have been waiting, like, for a really loooong time for me to get our wedding photos uploaded so you can see them. Well the wait is over. Here’s all eleven of those shots from that famous fifteen minutes in 1987 that changed the world. (If you can’t see them above, click over to my Flickr and watch them there.)

Wedding of 1987 notes:

1. I wouldn’t photoshop out the Husband’s glasses for any amount of money. They are just awe-inspiring! In fact, things could only have been better if we had had a 70’s wedding, and (both) worn flower crowns and videotaped ourselves dancing.

2. The nicest thing anyone said to me, other than the vows The Husband made, was that I looked like Lady Diana. It was a kind thing to say to a mostly-clueless, somewhat inept but certainly game young girl on her wedding day, don’t you think? I still remember that with fondness.

3. Yes, the wedding lasted precisely 15 minutes. The Husband and I met when we were both sixteen, so we had been dating five years already and we JUST WEREN’T GOING TO WAIT ANY LONGER. It was a bargeload of effort for that tiny quarter of an hour, but it was OUR 15 minutes, and they ROCKED, I tell you. They rocked.

PS: Soundtrack that should go with this album (please don’t click over to YouTube, the video just ruins the song): Franz Ferdinand’s “Do You Want To”.

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