pink martini!

What a phenomenal find. China Forbes and her eleven swellegant friends (sixteen if you count the “touring” members, and believe me, they count) are pure sonic joy. Jazz, latin, lounge, swing, and vocal pop in every language; they are musicians, singers, songwriters, and I’ll bet they can dance too. ITunes categorizes them under “World,” “Latino,” and “Vocal” (Vocal?? How exactly is that helpful?), but this is the kind of sultry, swingy music I want to see “Live with a Man, Honey”. Glamorous, orchestral, cabaret-and-Hollywood-musical-inspired, samba; nothing quite emcompasses their work; I’m riveted.

The Husband heard the title track – destined to be a club favorite – from their newest disc Hey Eugene on NPR this morning, and without passing Go went immediately and downloaded the entire album for me. “Tea for Two” – performed with jazz luminary Jimmy Scott – is a pleasure you’ll want to enjoy with a healthy tot of whiskey in your teacup. “Ojala” serves up some smoky French hotness, and “City of Night” is perfect as you are on your way home from work, planning your all-nighter. “Dosvedanya Mio Bombino” flirts with kitch but made me want to learn Italian (and Russian, I think) so I could sing it to all those sad-eyed, no-good, roaming Euro-boys. If I were to meet some. And so on.

I was soooo sad when the Squirrel Nut Zippers went kaput (they’ve been trying to re-form, but given their history it’s gonna be a tough one), but now I feel aaaall better.

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