Post Whopper Jr. Mid Boys’ Bedtime Timecrunch Run

Prologue, 4:30 pm

Bad Lisa: Why are you putting on your running shirt? You have exactly 15 minutes before you have to leave to be at your 5:30 pm meeting.
Runner Lisa: It’s for inspiration. I want to come home tonight and run.
Bad Lisa: So you’re going to wear your favorite running shirt, your running shoes, and jeans to your high-powered corporate boardroom meeting.
Runner Lisa: It’s after hours. You think I’ll stand out?

The run, 8:30 pm

Bad Lisa: You starting out kinda high on the pace, ain’t you?
Runner Lisa: I told Mom I’d be back in one mile. Ten minutes.
Bad Lisa: And you’re gonna run a ten minute mile with a fresh Whopper Jr. in your gut?
Runner Lisa: Only one way to find out.
Bad Lisa: You’ve never run JUST one mile before. You think three miles is the holy grail or something.
Runner Lisa: I could maybe fit in a mile and a half. Fifteen minutes. That’s all I need.
Bad Lisa: You’re huffing and puffing pretty good, aren’t you?
Runner Lisa: I’m kinda high on the pace, gotta breathe somehow.
Bad Lisa: Last run you were all Mrs. Zen I Breathe Peacefully Through My Nose.
Runner Lisa: Last run I didn’t have time constraints or parental duties.
Bad Lisa: And tonight your mother is putting your boys to bed while you engage in leisure activities.
Runner Lisa: This pace don’t feel too leisurely. Would you look at that! One mile, ten minutes, no walking! We ROCK! Only half a mile left.
Bad Lisa: So why are you walking now?
Runner Lisa: I get to walk one minute so that I don’t puke.
Bad Lisa: I can see why you love this.

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