Report: First Week of Public School (or: girls, food, and fire)

I asked the First, first time public-schooler and seventh-grader, for the lowdown on his first week of school. The report falls into three categories: girls, food, and fire.

1. Girls. They have some cute ones there.

Mom: So do these cute girls know your name?
First: Yes.
(long silence)
Mom (once it’s clear no more information will arrive unsolicited): Do they sit by you in class?
First: No. We have assigned seats.
Mom: Bummer.
(short silence)
Mom: Is it a bummer?
First: Nah. It’s okay.
Mom: Oh. Okay.

2. Lunch. They offer it there, and it’s pretty much about eating.

First: Lunch is good, you can sit anywhere you want.
Mom: If you are in the lunch room with no one to sit with, what do you do?
First: I invite people to sit with me.
Mom: Wow! You invite strangers to sit with you?
First: No, I invite people I’ve met.
Mom: So do you ever make new friends at lunch?
First: No, you make new friends at the lockers.
Mom: Oh.

3. Fire. Where the real education began.

Mom: What was the strangest thing about this week?
First: The fire drill.
Mom: A fire drill the first week of class, woo-hoo! You get to get out of class… Why was it so strange?
First: Well, when they first told us we were going to have one, I thought they meant we were all going to run out of the building as fast as we could. But what they actually made us do was line up at the door and walk out very quietly. It was weird.
Mom: Hm, I didn’t realize we had missed that in our homeschool curriculum, but I guess we did.

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