rock and roll church

Ok, I actually really dig the church I am a part of. Really. And just to show you why, here are the four best moments from this year’s Easter service, which was held under a giant filled-with-people tent in our parking lot:

1. When getting dressed this morning, I initially put on jeans, but suddenly decided to dress up in swingy black pants and a black turtleneck, and I was perfectly content because I knew that Not One Person would notice either way.

2. During worship, I stopped dancing for just long enough to tell the sound guys to pull down the volume on the entire band for fear the police would show up with riot guns. Now that’s a church that ain’t afraid to party.

3. And this was the best moment of all: Seeing the nearly endless stream of kids coming up for communion, two of whom rolled up on Heelys.

4. Hearing the baby dedication translated into Haitian Creole so the parents would understand everything.


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