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Because it’s Easier to NAME the Band than BE the Band

I recently came across a much folded, notated, starred, scratched out, and circled sheet of notebook paper with the Ice’s name at the top. I left all the spellings exactly as they are.

List of some cool made up band names

(circled and starred)
rage at sunset – nine stars, and signed “by Katie”
college zombies – three stars

strictly violent, strictly untamed, strictly untameable, strictly prohibited, toxic violence, pieces of _________, jarred ________, roaring shadows, shut down, untapped power, untamed power, sharp anger

(not circled or starred)
spiked, infested, infected, clash, create, prowler, prohibited, untameable, toxic, violence, broken, jammed, thermostat, pieces, starrz, innoscent, criminalized, sharpen, sharpened, symbolized, amplified, amplify

My comments: I suspect “rage at sunset” received nine stars because girls get more votes than boys, especially really nice, really cute, very attentive neighborhood girls. I have to say that “college zombies” is not going to work for long. What if the Stones had named themselves “The College Stones” or worse, “The Middle School Stones”? Kiss of death.

Now. The Clash and Prowler are taken, but nice try. I’m also not a big fan of Infected, but then again, I’m a mom who carries antimicrobial hand wash in her glove compartment. All the “strictly’s” are fine, but I have to say that my favorite is the somewhat enigmatic “Jarred _____.” Jarred as in canned, like pickles, or jarred as in collided or bumped? And I’m just dying to know what’s in the blank! Jarred okra? Jarred expectations? Jarred teeth? Oh, the possibilities!

Image credit: chatirygirl on Flickr

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