runner Lisa vs. bad Lisa

Bad Lisa: It’s obviously too crowded to run today.
Runner Lisa: It’s obviously not, Mrs. Glass Half Empty. I’d say at least every other treadmill is open.
BL: You know if we run next to someone your pesky competitive gene kicks in.
RL: How about we run next to those two young women? They’re already sweaty, so they probably won’t be here much longer.
BL: They are wearing expensive running shoes.
RL: I think your pesky suspicion gene is kicking in. Look, they’re chit-chatting amiably; they’re hardly here training for a marathon. They have the exact same body shape as me. We’ll get on a slow pace and see what happens.

at the two-mile point, after endless inanities:
One young woman (all perky): Wow, these first five miles have been soooo difficult! I just hate the first five miles!
The other young woman (knowingly): Yes, but our second five miles are so much easier, don’t you find?

Runner Lisa: I think we should work out with weights now.
Bad Lisa: Yeah. Otherwise I’ll have to smack somebody.

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