Runner Lisa vs. Bad Lisa

Bad Lisa: Okay, this is freaky. Have we EVER run with Mom, Dad, and the First on the treadmills next to us?
Runner Lisa: Uh, no, this is a first. Hit six, would you — a 10 minute mile pace should do us.
Bad Lisa: We should walk, ’cause you know, MOM.
Runner Lisa: Oh, she knows we can run.
Bad Lisa: I KNOW she KNOWS, moron. I’m saying it would be RUDE to run when Mom and Dad are walking.
Runner Lisa: It’s a treadmill, double-moron. It’s not like we’re gonna get too far ahead.

three miles later:

Runner Lisa: Wow, they’re still walking.
Bad Lisa (in a snarky voice): “Hit six, would you? A 10 minute mile pace should do us.”
Runner Lisa: Well this does present a problem. I’m not sure we’re allowed to quit.
Bad Lisa (sighing heavily): Why don’t we set a good example of NOT OVERDOING IT at the gym?
Runner Lisa: Of course! How wise you have grown.

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