runner Lisa vs. bad Lisa

(not as entertaining as Spy vs. Spy…)

Runner Lisa: Wow, I’ve run nearly half a mile. Sure is cold outside.
Bad Lisa: Too cold to run. Hurts to breathe.
Runner Lisa: It doesn’t hurt to breathe, you wimp!
Bad Lisa: Ok, maybe not, but you have to pee.
Runner Lisa: I peed before I started running.
Bad Lisa: You could stop and pee again.
Runner Lisa: If I stop, I won’t want to come back out here.
Bad Lisa: You could run tomorrow.
Runner Lisa: Here comes that nasty hill.
Bad Lisa: Really want to pee.
Runner Lisa: I know, I can WALK up it.
Bad Lisa: If you’re not going to run, what’s the point?
Runner Lisa: At least I’m off my butt for a while.
Bad Lisa: Yeah, well, you can’t exactly brag about WALKING up this puny hill.
Runner Lisa: I’ll run again in a minute.
Bad Lisa: Lance Armstrong would never say that.
Runner Lisa: No, he’s on a bike.
Bad Lisa: He’s a real athlete. You’re a pretender.
Runner Lisa: This doesn’t feel like pretending to me.


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