Saturday Schedule

9:30 am: drop off The Maker at his basketball game
10:30 am: drop off The First and his two friends at the mall
11 am: pick up The Maker from his basketball game
Noon: shop for groceries, including snacks for The Ice’s basketball game
1:15 pm: drop off The Ice at his basketball game
2:30 pm: deliver snacks, pick up the Ice from his basketball game
3 pm: take the Maker and pick up The First and his friends from the mall
5:30 pm: drop off the First at his basketball game
7:00 pm: pick up the First from his basketball game

The above schedule does NOT reflect:

  1. Breakfast, lunch*, or dinner, which we had.
  2. Showering or brushing teeth, which some of us did.
  3. Posting to blogs, which I did. (Blogger Lisa: I only did it twice. Bad Lisa: It isn’t midnight yet.)
  4. Heathly exercise like running. (Runner Lisa: It isn’t midnight yet. Bad Lisa: Don’t try to convince me you’re actually going to make it around the block even once. Runner Lisa channeling FloJo: I probably won’t try to convince you, I’ll just surprise you!)
  5. Writing tomorrow’s teaching message that I’m responsible for (Good Lisa: Well, it’s not midnight yet.).
  6. Arguing with children about WHY I can’t ALSO ferry them to Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase Heelies (The Ice), or to the skatepark (The Maker), or to the mall to shop for pocket knives (The Maker: “But I have enough money saved up!”). Check.
  7. Speaking to anyone in more than short 15 minute bursts of essential information exchange.
  8. Finally watching the last of Aliens on my computer after everyone else goes to bed. (Hopeful Lisa channeling 20 year-old Lisa: It’s not midnight yet!)

*For amusement purposes ONLY I am listing my lunch menu (and I use the term loosely) for three, do not try this at home:

  • Swanson’s chicken pot pies (4 minutes each in the microwave) all around
  • 1 Diet Dr. Pepper split three ways
  • 2 Girl Scout cookies (Samoas, only the best for my family) each
  • and for me alone: a 4 oz Super Energy Booster Emergen-C Cranberry Fizzing Drink with 32 Mineral Complexes and B Vitamins. So I won’t keel over dead from lack of nutrients.

I pretty much just left the detritus all over the kitchen. Thank God there’s Sunday.

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  1. Sine Botchen November 29, 2009 at 10:54 pm #

    If I could lock myself in a room for 20 minutes (where no one could know or see..) it’d soo be with a pair of heelies. Heck yeah! I feel so cheated… Where’s my jetpack? We were promised flying cars by now – though mebbe I’d settle for skate-shoes.. hey, I’m easy!
    .-= Sine Botchen´s last blog ..How hard is it to screw up sweet potatoes? =-.

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