Second Chance Card

Today is just one of those days; too much to do and not enough resources to get everything done. I was cranky and worried and I told several people in vivid and eloquent terms that I felt like cat yak, once right before we went through the buffet line at lunch (which may have put them off a bit).

When we got home I sighed heavily and confessed in passing to the Maker that I hadn’t done so well today. He got this odd look on his face, told me to hold on a minute, and disappeared on an urgent errand. I had been having this effect on people all day, so I took it in stride. But momentarily the Maker returned, and beaming, handed me this fabulous card.

With great excitement he told me that God gives second chances. He said I should cover my card with clear packing tape so that it would be a bit more waterproof (?), and he also told me I could only use it once, which was profoundly discouraging considering my track record this week. So I double-checked on that point and he said, well, I could make some more.

Whew! With a pack of markers and some index cards I should be set.

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