Signs of Maturation

This morning the Maker took a bath in my bathroom. Normally this means that not only do I have to harry him to get clean in a reasonably conservative fashion (“Get your hair wet.” “Wash your feet.” “Turn off the water.” “Have you washed your feet?” “Rinse your hair.” “Honey, stop letting the water out and filling it back up.” “Did you use soap?”) but I also have to remind him to go through each of the cleaning-up-afterward stages.

So I was rather astonished, when I reminded him to hang up his towel and put his dirty clothes in the hamper, that he smiled and said “Already did.”

SO astonished that I got up and went in to see this miracle. Sure enough, it was all clean and tidy, except for a wingnut and a can tab, which presumably fell out of his pockets during the process. Only a wingnut and can tab! I think he’s reached some sort of milestone in his development.

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