soundtrack of my life

It’s all about 80’s covers this week. And for me, a cover should be somewhat different from the original in order to interest me, and most of these qualify.

Let My Love Open the Door, Audio Adrenaline (originally by Pete Townshend)
Burning Down the House, Tom Jones & The Cardigans (originally by Talking Heads)
Living After Midnight, The Donnas (originally by Judas Priest)
Back In Black, Living Colour (originally by AC/DC)
18 and Life, Hydrogyn (originally by Skid Row)
Wanted Dead or Alive, Chris Daughtry (originally by Bon Jovi)
I Melt With You, Bowling for Soup (originally by Modern English)
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Jacqui Naylor (originally by U2)
Train in Vain, Annie Lennox & Steven Lipson (originally by The Clash)
Another Brick In the Wall, Keller Williams & The Keels (originally by Pink Floyd)


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