stop everything, listen to the noisettes!

Sometimes the soundtrack of my life is feeling completely out of sync when suddenly everything explodes into life and the joint rocks.

Last night, my Husband and I are on a date at a naff little club that’s part bar, part high-dollar seafood place. On the sound system we hear the following string of songs:

  1. Music Box Dancer, Frank Mills (excuse me, HOW did this reach #3 on Billboard, EVER? I used to be able to play it, along with every other 14 year old girl in 1979.)
  2. Somebody to Love, Queen
  3. Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, BJ Thomas
  4. Three Times a Lady, Lionel Ritchie
  5. Take a Chance on Me, Abba

Who was in control of this playlist??? Have them removed.

HOWEVER, today I heard The Noisettes for the first time ever and my 10-inch black and white little Saturday morning was suddenly in fullblown HiDef. With sparkles. You MUST stop everything and experience the Noisettes! After the “Don’t Give Up” video blows your world apart, do “Sister Rosetta.” Things will NEVER be the same.


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