Superlative Slang Slam

The First: It’s the middle of December and it’s dead warm.
Me: It’s mad dead warm.
The Husband: It’s mad dead G* warm.
Me: It’s mad dead G beast crazy sick warm.

(prolonged stunned silence)

Me: Go on with my bad self!
The First: Don’t ever. Do that again.

*for the uninitiated, “G” is short for gangsta, which sadly, means cool. Now you’re sorry you read this, aren’t you?

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One Response to Superlative Slang Slam

  1. Sine Botchen December 16, 2009 at 10:25 pm #

    >>G is short for gangsta..

    holy smokes! that’s not what I originally thought.. glad I didn’t go with my first impression.. can’t quite imagine *that* kind of language coming out of y’alls household.. lol.. and btw, it’s NOT warm whatsoever.. instead it’s “freak-ass* Ebola cold” here in Texas.. normally this is ‘pleasant sit outside on the patio’ weather, but this November & December have been unseasonably wet and colder than norm – and by “cold” I mean 40 degrees (which for us Genteel Folk) is, well, freak-ass Ebola cold.. Winter normally last two months (January & February) around here and includes mebbe a week of ice (ne, snow) and that’s pretty much it. Anyway.. I’d love some mad warm anything right about now.

    *the term Freak-ass was invented by Young Chang.

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