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Interior Ass-Kicking

So I’m walking around at Lake Johnston, which has a lovely 5K circuit, getting ready to run. I like running Lake J because it has one mile flat, one mile hilly, and one mile I-may-die hilly. AND a fabulous 100-yard boardwalk across the lake finish. Nothing like hearing your footfalls echoing across that last football […]

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My Boxing Ring Name

So I admit I’ve been thinking about my boxing ring name for a while, not that I ever admitted it to anyone. Er, until now. And I’m only confessing because I actually had to turn in a name for this fight in Atlanta. I am telling myself that in roller derby I’d have had to […]

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Grandma Wants a Fight

This is fantastic. I can’t wait to hear how this powerful 49-year-old from Walla Walla, Washington does in the cage. Her name is DeEtta Peterson, and she’s been training in jiu jitsu and MMA for four years and is an instructor at her home gym, Calhoon’s. She narrowly missed out on a debut in the […]

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Boxing Woman 1

9 Reasons to Start Boxing After 40

1. Street cred Think about the difference between saying, “Yeah, I play a little basketball,” versus “The stitches don’t bother me. I have another fight next month; you should come.” C’mon, it’s just cool. And when was the last time you had legitimate Cool Points, when you downloaded the Zippo lighter app to your iPhone? […]

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I’m looking for a fight

I didn’t start out that way, honest. I started out just looking for a way to stay in shape despite a crunchy knee that prevented me doing distance runs. And there was that heavy bag that the Husband carted home for the boys that piqued my interest. But even when I shifted gears from regular […]

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runner Lisa vs. bad Lisa

Runner Lisa: This will be good. I haven’t run on a treadmill in a while.Bad Lisa: My feet are killing me. Those new shoes were wretched all day at work.RL: I have on my Thorlos, my all-time best comfiest socks.BL: Ugh, Dr. Phil is lecturing yet another hapless teenage couple.RL: True, it would be easier […]

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How getting older works

That’s How It Works

A conversation with the Maker, age six: The Maker: Has it been at least ten years since I was born? The Mom: No. It’s been six years since you were born. The Maker: Because I’m six? The Mom: Yep. (silent moment) The Maker: Ooohhhh, so THAT’S how it works. Image credit: Rainbow Raider on Flickr

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