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100 rounds of sparring rule

The 100 Rounds of Sparring Rule

  How many rounds of sparring should you have before you enter your first amateur boxing competition? I love this question, and coaches enjoy arguing about it. We’re naturally argumentative. We’ll punch you, if needed. Seriously. If you make the transition from boxing fitness to sparring, you’re almost always going to be asking yourself the question […]

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Interview with Crista Orefice

Remember Zoltar, from the Tom Hanks movie “Big”? You gotta watch out for those crazy boardwalk games, they will flat mess with your life. Wanna know how Crista Orefice, 37-year-old board-certified music therapist and a singer/songwriter from New Jersey got her start in amateur boxing? Wait. I’ll let her tell it. Ummmm, boardwalk games and boxing, Crista? […]

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boxing training after 40

Boxing Training After 40

If you’re over 40 and in the amateur ring, boxing most likely isn’t (and isn’t going to be) your career. But you can pretty much guarantee that it will change your life. I’m not trying to convince you of something, I’m mostly reminding myself. It helps to remind myself, because boxing will gobble up your […]

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