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Runny Babbit

Bookmarking Schools of Thought

This is my genetic material at work. When I was in college I highlighted about one-third of each of my textbooks, even if they were already highlighted by the generations of students who had the book before me. The Husband, on the other hand, comes from the Minimalist School of Bookmarking/Highlighting. If the book was […]

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How Math Explains the World

This Just Proves I’m a Nerd

I didn’t bring this book home, the Husband did, but it had a really cool cover so I picked it up. And I meandered through the first several chapters because anything that explains my husband’s brain to me is frequently of interest. And after those first few chapters (during which I learned that Pythagoras was […]

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Making the Spot Cake

The Maker’s Spot Cake

All our boys loved the Spot books when they were tiny. And with our history of all-out birthday cakes it was inevitable that one of them — in this case The Maker — should request a “Spot Cake.” Technically, it’s the cake Spot baked for his father, but that point was lost on the Maker, […]

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Drawing is Fun

Drawing is Relaksing

The Maker is new to public school, and one of the delightful things he’s discovered is that his teacher has a “Read, Write, or Draw” period every day. The first time she introduced this he made himself a book, of which this is the first page. He’s been a book-maker for years, and loves to […]

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