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Duck Damage

Say Hello to Rocky

When my freelance writing business really started humming this fall, I decided that I was ready to get my purse dog. I’m home, happily working on the computer all day, but I wanted company. Olive and Henry are not particularly focused on my needs, so I paid them back in full. (Actually, Olive adores my […]

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Olive Lifting Weights

Olive Channelling Henry

Most of the time Olive is just as sweet and empty as a grassy lawn with no trees. Once in a while she channels Henry, who uses the word “douchebag” and ruthlessly shreds anything people call darling. And while I rarely catch Henry being charming, I sometimes see Olive being grouchy, and those are the […]

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Olive at the Feeder

Olive Guards the Birdfeeder

We have a jillion birds that come to our feeder. Downy woodpeckers (lots of those), cardinals, jays, chickadees, warblers, mourning doves, sparrows. A jillion. And Olive is damned and determined she should have one as a pet. And by pet, I mean snacktoy. The problem is, there’s just so much… sleeping that needs to be […]

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