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Runner Redemption

Ready for my confession? I’ve made them before (see here and here), but it must be time for a fresh one. Forgive me, people, for I have sinned. Again. But this story is different, I promise. I went for a run this week and in the course of the first mile alone I found myself […]

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I’ve been offline, trying to catch my breath between wave sets and wipeouts. The turbulence of job shifts (I’m now working from home rather than from an office in another city), training shifts (my trainer moved out of state, my fight is coming up in April), and other big and small events and financial re-arrangements […]

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I’m looking for a fight

I didn’t start out that way, honest. I started out just looking for a way to stay in shape despite a crunchy knee that prevented me doing distance runs. And there was that heavy bag that the Husband carted home for the boys that piqued my interest. But even when I shifted gears from regular […]

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