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Christmas Eve

The Plugged-In Prayer, with Food

During the Christmas holidays during the year the First was four, our electricity had been out for a good part of the week due to a freak NC snowstorm. Because of the timing, it made a pretty big impact on the First. Shortly after the drama had subsided, we once again made his favorite comfort […]

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Turkey leftovers

See You Later, Turkey.

Now you see it… and later — when you’re not mad tired of it — you’ll see it again. That’s okay, sometimes you have to take that leftover turkey and make it work for a couple of months from now. Easiest way? Bag it up into single servings and freeze it. Stuffing too (that’s mine […]

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Cheetos lip balm

How to Eat Cheetos (and not Ruin Anything)

Cheeeeeetos. Is there anything better? Well, I mean, except for Funyuns, sometimes. But truly, nothing edges out Cheetos as my favorite nutritionally-damaging treat. Gawd, they’re wonderful. If you want to eat them with any regularity, you need to follow the Three Cheeto-Eating Rules, which have nothing to do with Mountain Dew chasers (which, paired with […]

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Barley for Breakfast

Try Barley for Breakfast

Almost every morning I make myself oatmeal for breakfast. But recently I bought whole, organic barley (don’t get “pearled” as it’s processed and you lose nutritional value, more on that in a minute) and came home to experiment. For some reason, the universe believes in dramatically overcooking most foods and everything I looked at told […]

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Boy abd Man Food

Boy and Man Food

When the boys were little and forever standing in front of the refrigerator I used this write-on wipe-off board to suggest some foods they might want to eat. I am just SURE I wrote down healthy choices, simple things that I kept on hand that they could prepare themselves. Like tofu, and tabouleh. I’m just […]

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Cut Carbs

5 ways to Eat Fast Food and Still Cut Carbs

It’s good to start by eating less fast food, but even when you find yourself at the local burger, chicken, or waffle joint, there are ways to keep from loading up on insulin-jacking, straight-to-fat-storage carbohydrates. 1. Order protein, eat the guts If you avoid the bun that comes with your standard burger, dog, or chicken […]

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The First at about 4 years old

On McDonald’s French Fries

My recent post about Why Your Workout Isn’t Working prompted a funny chain of comments on Facebook, which I totally enjoyed. Most of them related bad food favorites, and McDonald’s was named in the very first comment (Hi, Greg!). Sigh. I love MickeyD’s french fries more than any other fast food french fries. And back […]

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