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Fight's Over

Post-Competition Letdown

I trained, I fought, and I performed incredibly well. But I drove the seven and a half hours home and suddenly found myself miserable. Periodic moments of joy interspersed with hours of listlessness, frustration, and anger. I haven’t been able focus. It already seems weird that I’m a competitive boxer. Me: a 45 year old […]

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Fighting in the Golden Gloves

It makes my stomach flip over just to say it: I plan to fight in the Women’s National Golden Gloves Championships in Florida this July. This will be a bonifide, grade A, kick ass and get your ass kicked tournament. Three days, single eliminations: keep winning, keep advancing; losers lay on the beach or watch […]

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Why I box

Why I Box

I box in a suburban gym. Everything is branded “LA Boxing” in chirpy red and blue. The branding makes me think Hollywood weight loss, and in fact, most people are here to lose weight or get fit. It’s clean, carpeted, and full of sunshine most days. There are no cement floors, wooden pallets, musty lockers. […]

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