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This Year I Will

A 2013 that Doesn’t Suck (at All!)

It’s that time of year. The gym is jam-packed and your Facebook stream is clogged with manic resolution-making fiends. That’s fiends, not friends. Although they’re probably your friends, too, and otherwise normal. I resist the resolution-making frenzy, probably in the same way I unplug from Thanksgiving (“traditionally,” we do a day hike, and eat PB&J […]

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First Day of School

First Day of Public School

All three of our boys have been homeschooled. Two years ago the First decided he wanted to go to public school for his 7th grade year, and he made the transition beautifully. Last year the Ice followed him, and had his first year of middle school. This year the Maker was ready to take his […]

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Discovering the Curse-O-Meter I was walking barefoot out in the woods and a broken branch took a slice out of the back of my heel, right at the base of my Achilles tendon. It was all fine (bloody, but fine) until I had to put on my shoes and get in the boxing ring. Then […]

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Eating Nevada

Saturday afternoon I was sitting in the kitchen happily enjoying a solitary lunch and reading a book. The Maker was over at the kitchen counter with an apple and a paring knife, making himself a snack. I only barely noticed that there were a lot more cutting and chopping noises than it normally takes to […]

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