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Train Faster

How to Train FASTER

I’m officially about 8 weeks out from my next fight, which is just the right amount of time I need to set up my training goals. About a year ago I started categorizing the main areas of my boxing training, and since then I’ve refined my system enough to find it pretty useful as I […]

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Back in the Zone

The first week of December I re-injured my shoulder, and spent two solid months in physical therapy and out of boxing. I became the cardio mistress (wore my thigh-high leather boots, carried the whip) but the intense PT schedule meant I had to give up some of my regular workouts. I got sloppy with my […]

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Cut Carbs

5 ways to Eat Fast Food and Still Cut Carbs

It’s good to start by eating less fast food, but even when you find yourself at the local burger, chicken, or waffle joint, there are ways to keep from loading up on insulin-jacking, straight-to-fat-storage carbohydrates. 1. Order protein, eat the guts If you avoid the bun that comes with your standard burger, dog, or chicken […]

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Fuel Your Sport

This is a very typical day of fuel for me. I eat oatmeal almost every day; I buy organic rolled oats, the kind you’re supposed to slow cook. However, since I hate goo, I never slow cook them; I just boil a half cup of water, add a half cup of oats, turn down the […]

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Five Forbidden Foods

Now and then people ask me what I eat during boxing training. But I don’t have a training diet different from my regular diet. I follow The Zone, which is primarily a way of eating that controls your insulin production. Since that sounds like a complicated answer (and it is, a bit) I often find […]

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In the Zone!

I want to lose five pounds. I know, people in America say this ALL THE TIME, and it’s onerous, I know it is. I have been a pretty average weight all my life, but after I turned forty, things seemed to shift slightly. Anyway, there it is. Five pounds. I’ve never been on a diet […]

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