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Second Round Warehouse

Trying Out a New Gym

Walking into a new boxing gym for the first time is excruciatingly difficult for me. In this particular case, there had been a number of obstacles to overcome even before I walked in the door. I’d heard about them, but couldn’t find an up-to-date website. Rumor had it they had recently relocated, and I knew […]

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Boxing Teammates

Fight Night: Battle at the Expo 2

I will never be an MMA fighter. One tiny slip-up that another fighter can take advantage of, and boom, you’re in a arm bar or choke hold or whatever, and you’re tapping out and all those months of training for a fight vanish in a flash, leaving you blinking in the aftermath. Nope, not me. […]

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No Hand King

On a recent early morning drive into downtown, I got to see the No Hand King, one of our city’s most famous people. No Hand King Rodney Hines, who rides his bike — you guessed it, with no hands — during most waking hours, has a new Evel Knievel-style full-face helmet, and was actually using […]

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my day working for the GovMint

I got up earlier than usual one morning this week with three things in mind: 1. Find a parking space downtown2. Locate and acquire hot coffee downtown3. Elbow my way through the 300 other jurors to a seat in the Jury Lounge near an electrical outlet where my computer and I could be hooked to […]

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