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with the emphasis on the sticks

Currently arrayed about either side of my front door: 1 fiberglass youth-sized bow4 carbon based arrows1 arrow-length stick, wrapped entirely in masking tape1 interesting knot of wood, approximately the size of a football3 used strips of duct tape1 cardboard and aluminum roll that came out of our old roll-up blinds1 bow made of a stick, […]

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less documented uses of duct tape

Last night the boys had a gig at a biker bar in a nearby, um, town. Well, out in the middle of nowhere, actually — no town directly involved. Anyway it was notable for two reasons, one of which was that both my father and The Husband’s mother attended. And stayed for two solid sets, […]

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The Maker's Favorite Gift

The Maker’s Favorite Gift

The Maker’s favorite gift was the same as it was last year. It was also the same gift he received somewhere around his birthday, which is conveniently located approximately half-way between Christmases. Two words, in order of priority: tape and rope. This boy loves him some tape and rope. Three times in the two or […]

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