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Duck Damage

Say Hello to Rocky

When my freelance writing business really started humming this fall, I decided that I was ready to get my purse dog. I’m home, happily working on the computer all day, but I wanted company. Olive and Henry are not particularly focused on my needs, so I paid them back in full. (Actually, Olive adores my […]

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Seth Snowballs 520

First Snow of the Year!

Congratulations to The Maker, age 10, the boy who is first out into the first snow of the season. (I’m only barely remembering snow from earlier this year.) At least this year he didn’t put all the snow he could scrape up (which in NC, isn’t all that much) into my freezer. I know I […]

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe Boxing

Boxing Q & A

A few of you have been asking me great questions about my background and experience in boxing and I promised I would write up a post for you with the answers. There’s not much fancy going on, just a lot of hard work, a little bit of blood (woo-hoo!) and some great boxing community. 1. […]

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Jack Scharff, Sr., boxing

Jack Gordon Scharff, Sr.

This photo is an absolute treasure to me; my sister brought it to me this fall after a visit with our grandfather, Jack Scharff, who still lives in Memphis TN, where this photo was taken. I had no idea that my grandfather had ever had an interest in boxing. He told my sister that he […]

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IHOP breakfast

Sneaky Boy Money Making Tactics

Gram and Papa Clyde took all of us to IHOP this morning before they headed back to Memphis. We dined sumptuously on pancakes, french toast, bacon, eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, and the Maker and the Ice competed to see who could drink more of the little creamers in the baskets on our three […]

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Olive Editing my Photos

Introducing Olive

This is Olive. She’s deeply interested in the dangle-y wrist strap on my camera. She would like to inspect it more carefully, with her tiny sharp teeth. Olive came home with me a couple of days ago, much to the irritation of Henry, our giant orange tabby. Henry weighs 17 pounds, is not fat, and […]

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