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I Have Another Fight!

When I got the promoter’s email today I nearly had a heart attack. I am going to be boxing in Atlanta as the Main Event on the April 23, 2011 Atlanta Corporate Fight Night card. The Main Event! I’ve been in conversation with the promoter for a month or so about this fight, but it’s […]

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Pre-Fight Playlist

This playlist has a very different mood than the one I made for the Atlanta fight (which I need to post, I know). That one was all revved up and rocking, where for the last-minute exhibition fight with Bonnie I wanted to be calm and unruffled. So I gathered up some of my smoothest grooves […]

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Battle of the Beast is Coming!

Boxing fans mark your calendars for September 24th at the Longbranch Saloon in Raleigh, NC and get your ringside tickets for Jawbreakers’ next big Fight Night! World Boxing Empire champ (and my personal friend and trainer) Bonnie “Queen B” Mann will box on the card, as will rising ring star Antoine “The Future” Alston. Tickets […]

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Boxing Teammates

Fight Night: Battle at the Expo 2

I will never be an MMA fighter. One tiny slip-up that another fighter can take advantage of, and boom, you’re in a arm bar or choke hold or whatever, and you’re tapping out and all those months of training for a fight vanish in a flash, leaving you blinking in the aftermath. Nope, not me. […]

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