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success in boxing

How to Succeed in Boxing

Success in boxing isn’t always measured by the number of “W”s on your passbook. It’s something hard-won over time with plenty of blood, sweat, and the right attitude. Take a look at the following 11 keys to success in boxing, and join in the discussion by leaving your ideas and additions in the comments below. […]

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I love to fight

I Love to Fight

You knew this. I knew this. But periodically I’m reminded. Last night I went 4 rounds (at the end of my workout, I must add, because I’m vain. Also a masochist.) with a good friend and freaking awesome sparring partner at my boxing gym. Sinclair is a phenomenal peer coach; he’s forever smiling and goofing […]

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gravel lot

Boxing Training. With Chickens.

I can’t decide what makes the chickens squawk and mutter on some days and be perfectly silent on others. For the past couple of months I’ve been doing boxing training in a mostly empty gravel lot (see photo below), located at the edge of a neighborhood of sagging student-housing Victorians. I’m sort of behind an […]

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Gym Entry

Training in Atlanta

Training for this fight has been rocky, and not the Sly Stallone kind, either. So last week I called the promoter, two-time Strawweight World Champion Terri “The Boss” Moss, for a serious tête-à-tête. I related the details of my bumpy progress, she invited me to drop everything and come down to Atlanta for a week […]

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I Have Another Fight!

When I got the promoter’s email today I nearly had a heart attack. I am going to be boxing in Atlanta as the Main Event on the April 23, 2011 Atlanta Corporate Fight Night card. The Main Event! I’ve been in conversation with the promoter for a month or so about this fight, but it’s […]

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