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Fighter Within

The Fight Within

This guest post comes from TGE commentor and fellow boxer Tom McEvilly (what a great ring name that is, huh?) who has recently opened a blog called One.More.Notch. where he talks about boxing training, his three kids, and his approach to life (definitely read the Hedgehog post). We share not only our love for boxing, […]

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Women Boxers to Watch

Top Pro Boxing Women to Watch in 2010

There are some incredibly powerful and exciting women to watch this year in boxing; I don’t know who will successfully find match-ups, but I hope most of them will. Look for especially dynamic possibilities among the Lightweights and Featherweights; the amount of explosive talent and sheer experience in those classes makes my head spin. Oh, […]

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The Ninja Bow

The Ninja Bow from Lisa Creech Bledsoe on Vimeo. If you don’t fully understand the RULES for Ninja bows, please take a moment to view the infomovie, and adjust your Ninja activities accordingly. Special thanks to The Maker for staying informed on All Things Ninja, and of course, for communicating the finer points of Ninja […]

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