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Seth's Poem 2012

The Maker: Where I’m From

This poem made my eyes fill with tears when the Maker read it to me. Maybe because he’s the youngest, maybe because there were so many unexpected insights offered, line after line. I can’t decide whether it’s very twelve (years old) and boy¬†(so much food!), or entirely, surprisingly, out of the boundaries of that sort […]

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You know all those people whose well-insured million-dollar houses burned down in California? The Husband and I were commenting on the media people who kept referring to the loss of these houses as a “tragedy” (links too numerous to list here). NPR aired a long story about a writer guy who “braved the flames” of […]

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how to make sloppy joes

by the First, age 12. Prepare:The First: “Hey Mom, you want sloppy joes for dinner?”Mom: “No thanks.”(disappointed silence)Mom: “But you could make them.”The First (underwhelmed): “Oh.” Then:1. Dump frozen turkey into overheated skillet.2. Realize paper frozen to bottom of turkey is now on fire.3. Ask Mom to stop doing flash cards with cranky 7 year […]

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