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Cheetos lip balm

How to Eat Cheetos (and not Ruin Anything)

Cheeeeeetos. Is there anything better? Well, I mean, except for Funyuns, sometimes. But truly, nothing edges out Cheetos as my favorite nutritionally-damaging treat. Gawd, they’re wonderful. If you want to eat them with any regularity, you need to follow the Three Cheeto-Eating Rules, which have nothing to do with Mountain Dew chasers (which, paired with […]

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I'm the birthday queen, girl

My Birthday Month Wish List

November is my birthday: all Glowbird (that’s my Twitter name), all the time. I even have a hashtag that has nothing to do with mustaches or writing novels: My hashtag is #nanoglomo, and it stands for National November is Glowbird’s [Birthday] Month. It can be affixed to your tweets as you discuss your plans; that […]

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Barley for Breakfast

Try Barley for Breakfast

Almost every morning I make myself oatmeal for breakfast. But recently I bought whole, organic barley (don’t get “pearled” as it’s processed and you lose nutritional value, more on that in a minute) and came home to experiment. For some reason, the universe believes in dramatically overcooking most foods and everything I looked at told […]

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Boy abd Man Food

Boy and Man Food

When the boys were little and forever standing in front of the refrigerator I used this write-on wipe-off board to suggest some foods they might want to eat. I am just SURE I wrote down healthy choices, simple things that I kept on hand that they could prepare themselves. Like tofu, and tabouleh. I’m just […]

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Eat More Guts

Ever since I was medium-sized I’ve been eating the guts out of my sandwiches and leaving the bread behind. Part of this is because I grew up eating sandwiches made with my mother’s whole-grain, crammed-with-seeds, infinitely varied and interesting homemade bread, and once I was on my own (and emphatically NOT baking all my own […]

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The First at about 4 years old

On McDonald’s French Fries

My recent post about Why Your Workout Isn’t Working prompted a funny chain of comments on Facebook, which I totally enjoyed. Most of them related bad food favorites, and McDonald’s was named in the very first comment (Hi, Greg!). Sigh. I love MickeyD’s french fries more than any other fast food french fries. And back […]

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Fuel Your Sport

This is a very typical day of fuel for me. I eat oatmeal almost every day; I buy organic rolled oats, the kind you’re supposed to slow cook. However, since I hate goo, I never slow cook them; I just boil a half cup of water, add a half cup of oats, turn down the […]

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