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Seth on Stilts

The Maker on Stilts

Summer’s here and The Maker, nearly eleven, has an entire raft of projects underway. Recently he disappeared for most of an afternoon and came home walking on these fantastic stilts that he made with his grandpa. Me: Dude! Those are awesome! TM: Thanks. Me: How long did it take you to learn to walk on […]

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The Girl Effect

Thanks to Megan Heuter and her blog Because I Played Sports, I finally saw this incredible advocacy campaign called the Girl Effect. In Kenya, 1.6 million girls are high school dropouts. If they could finish their secondary education, they would make 30% more money – and contribute $3.2 billion to the Kenyan economy every year. […]

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The color is called Green Grind

First Dance

The Ice has just started public school and his first school dance was a week or so ago. In order to get ready, he got his ear pierced, then we had to shop for the perfect shade of green hair dye (Green Grind, by Color Fiend, available at Hot Topic). When I asked him if […]

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why boys need fathers

Me: Ask me any question about girls and I’ll tell you the answer.The Maker (instantly): Why can’t boys slap girls?Me: Uhhh…The Maker (clarifying): ‘Cause girls can slap girls. And girls can slap boys. But boys can’t slap girls. Boys are only supposed to hit other boys.Me (stumped): Ask your father.The Maker (recovering immediately): Ok, then […]

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meeting david

When I was three years old we moved to the place where I did most of my growing up. I can remember riding in the clear-plastic-covered back seat of the realtor’s car to see the new house. As we drove up, a dark-headed five-year-old boy whose skin was browned by the sun stood in the […]

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