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Cut Carbs

5 ways to Eat Fast Food and Still Cut Carbs

It’s good to start by eating less fast food, but even when you find yourself at the local burger, chicken, or waffle joint, there are ways to keep from loading up on insulin-jacking, straight-to-fat-storage carbohydrates. 1. Order protein, eat the guts If you avoid the bun that comes with your standard burger, dog, or chicken […]

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Does Boxing Hurt

Does Boxing Hurt?

It’s funny how many people ask me this about boxing. Short answer: yes. If that’s all you need to hear, that’s cool, but it’s one of those simple questions (like “Is there really a Santa Claus?” and “What does Paris Hilton do?”) that perhaps calls for a more complex answer. Lucky you! I’m here to […]

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What They're Dissecting

What They’re Dissecting

Owl pellets. Cool, huh? The Maker did a paper on them (see below, typed in exactly as he wrote it, though I haven’t included the two original illustrations), then they ordered the pellets from — yes — an owl pellet store. Finally they poked them apart with toothpicks on my kitchen table, and I’m SURE […]

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