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Pregnant Tea

I was browsing through my old pregnancy journal and came across this recipe for a tea I made regularly in the summer of 2000, the summer my youngest son was born. In order to obtain the ingredients, I had to drive a couple of hours to a Heritage store, which was a fabulous happy hippy […]

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penny in the fountain

What do people wish for when they cast their pennies in the fountain? Me, it’s nearly always been the same. I search my pockets and weigh out my change in my palm, gauge the distance, and cast my prayer with my coins, and plip, plip! One by one my coins tumble winking to the bottom […]

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Runner Lisa vs. Bad Lisa

Bad Lisa: Okay, this is freaky. Have we EVER run with Mom, Dad, and the First on the treadmills next to us? Runner Lisa: Uh, no, this is a first. Hit six, would you — a 10 minute mile pace should do us. Bad Lisa: We should walk, ’cause you know, MOM. Runner Lisa: Oh, […]

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